Tuesday, 12 April 2016

What is the Best Alternative for Carfax?

By far the best car fax alternative at the moment is lookupvin.com. This article compares and contrasts them on a range of key performance measures. Ultimately what you are looking for is accurate information that is delivered in a timely and efficient manner so that you can make the right car purchase decision. What is important is that you actually do the checks before buying.  Here some of the key areas of divergence, convergence and competition:

1.      Vehicle History Reports

Both websites provides some detailed information about the car’s history. This may include accidents, crime, emissions tests, exchanges and importation.  In this case lookupvin provides good enough information to rival that if Carfax.  This is an important consideration since buying a vehicle with a poor history will not only degrade its value but will put the safety of the new owner at risk.

2.      Website Accessibility and Usability

Both Carfax and lookupvin are readily available for most of the day. The design at Carfax is a lot more professional but lookupvin.com also provides a simple approach which is easy to navigate. Both websites are user-friendly and reliable. We tested them for a fortnight and there was virtually no downtime. This means that you can do quick checks at any moment of your choice.

3.      Statewide Coverage

Whereas Carfax takes on a much more global-federal approach, lookupvin is very good at focusing on local auctions and incident reports. This is particularly important when dealing with vintage cars whose maintenance costs can completely overrun the initial deposit. Nevertheless it must be said that both websites can serve anyone in the USA quite well.

4.      Number of Reports

We found that both websites are able to provide the user with very many reports on the same vehicle or different vehicles. Lookupvin.com in particular has a searchable database whose logarithm allows the user to do low-level and complex filtering. At the same time it must be noted that Carfax is no slouch when it comes to organizing data.

5.      Reputation and Rating

Although there are many websites like AutoCheck and DriveTime which provide similar services based on VIN numbers; the best car fax alternative is lookupvin.com. Its reputation for reliability and safety has improved over the long run. Some of the new improvements include better privacy for users as well as a streamlined credit card/payment process. The bottom line is that either one of these could do the job when you are purchasing a car.

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