Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Convenient and Affordable Source for Classy Wholesale Home Décor: Kole Imports Shows the Way

Few names can truly claim to be a leading source for wholesale home décor. In an era of fluid tastes and consumer supremacy, Kole Imports fits the bill in every way. With so many offers and discounts (like the 10% discount on household supplies); the buyer is spoilt for choice. This company serves organizations of all types and sizes as well as the individual buyer that is looking for value. One of the most attractive things about Kole Imports is the staggered discount which means that buyers pay less per unit if they buy more. It gives a whole new meaning to the law of increasing returns.

Wholesale Shopping Made Easy and Affordable

Those buyers that make purchases that are worth at least $1000 before the end of March 2016 will be entitled to free shipping. This is in addition to the special promotions on selected items which can reduce the list price by as much as 20%.  The outlet’s taste and attention to detail makes shopping for wholesale home décor items a dream. Furthermore Kole Imports buys customer closeouts without the need for tedious brokerage services. Payment is offered instantly upon agreement and delivery. Buyers can take advantage of the drop shipping program which significantly reduces trade costs for the retailer. In addition the website offers access to FBA services which means that orders can be delivered to Amazon fulfilment centers.  This service includes an option for in-house branding and bundling.

A Trusted and Reputable Company

Kole Imports provides the perfect opportunity to purchase good quality items from a reliable and respectable outlet. Its wholesale home décor has top grade pedigree and is sourced from the best suppliers at a cost that is very competitive. Consequently the company has been associated with big names including Staples,  Groupon and Ace. A good selection of items are available ranging from curling ribbons to large laundry-drying racks.  There is an excellent choice of categories available including toys, pet supplies and automotive interests. With over three decades worth of experience in this industry; Kole Imports puts the class back into the home decorating business. It remains one of the largest direct importers in this industry with a formidable reputation to match. Whether it is a store front looking for a reliable supplier or a not-for-profit charity seeking to upgrade its furniture on a large scale; Kole Imports remains one of the best solutions.

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