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15 Celebs with Problem Children

There is something about celebrity that brings out the wild child. From politicians (including a former President of the USA) to actors to singers; these kids keep letting the side down. Judging by this list of 15 celebs with problem children, there are some celebrities who are as bad as or even worse than the children. As they say…the apple does not fall far from the tree. Time to buckle up and look at those celeb children who have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and their red faced parents who have to pick up the pieces.

1.    Whitney Houston

There are few Hollywood stories that are more tragic than that of Whitney and her daughter Bobbi. Both died in mysterious circumstances. The crooner, who is considered by many to be the best singer ever, had a downward spiral the moment she hooked up with Bobby Brown. Their daughter who was born in 1993 was caught up in the middle. Her mother’s death sent Bobbi into a downward spiral of an abusive relationship and drug abuse. Sadly Bobbi died in 2015 having been found unconscious in her bathtub, a scene that was eerily similar to her mother’s own death nearly a year before.

2.    Tom Hanks

Who would have thought the good guy of Hollywood could produce such a tear away! Chet Hanks is the actor’s second son with Rita Wilson. Chet has been in the headlines for abusing drugs. In 2015 he was put in rehab, only to spoil it all by driving into another car in California whilst driving a car belonging to his parents. Tom and Rita had to suffer the indignity of being named as co-defendants in Terry Moogan’s case against Chet. The lawsuit claimed that Chet had been driving under the influence. Children can be the exact opposite of their parents.

3.     Robert Downey Jr.

Indio Downey has had his fair share of troubles from getting busted for possessing and using cocaine to being charged with a felony in 2014. Robert Downey Jr. staged an intervention and sent his wayward son to rehab. Robert Downey Jr. has publicly spoken about his own problems which helped him understand his son’s downward spiral better. He supported his son and showed up for Indio’s guilty plea in court.  When interviewed, the actor said that a dysfunctional family is going to produce dysfunctional kids so he was not surprised by what happened to his son. Talk about keeping it in the family!

4.    Jackie Chan

Kickass moves will not save you from problem children. Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee has been on the wrong side of the law. He was sentenced to half a year in a Beijing prison after being caught with drugs in 2015. Jaycee was carrying more than 100 grams of marijuana. He was rumbled when the police raided his apartment. Ironically Jackie Chan was appointed the Anti-Drugs Ambassador for the nation in 2019. The Chinese government could not have predicted how things would eventually play out. After being released Jaycee spoke about the harsh prison conditions and begged his dad for a second chance.

5.    Michael Jordan

The basketball legend must have thought his nightmares had all come true when his son Marcus Jordan was arrested for resisting arrest in 2012. This was after the police had caught him engaged in disorderly conduct with two women. Apparently the loud fight had attracted the attention of members of the public. Not to be outdone, Marcus made the headlines again recently when he shared a picture of his naked penis. On the positive side Marcus actually does play basketball, even better than his older brother Jeffrey. He seems to be turning his life round after those very public false starts.

6.    Michael Douglas

Everyone had some sympathy for Michael Douglas. The actor was battling throat cancer and a sex addition when he was called to rescue his son Cameron. He has been arrested for drug related crimes for at least three time and was given a hefty 5-year prison sentence in 2010. Cameron had been selling methamphetamine on an industrial scale using a luxury Manhattan hotel as his den. He continued to misbehave inside and violated the prison rules on many occasions by arranging for his lawyer to smuggle drugs for him. The judge nearly doubled his sentence, with two years in solitary confinement.

7.    Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Bruce and Demi were hounded about the demise of their relationship but their daughters’ legal problems must have surpassed even that saga. Scout Willis was born in 1991 to one of the biggest Hollywood power couples ever. She run into the law when she was found with an open beer and proceeded to present a fake ID. The family problems did not end there because the couple’s youngest daughter Tallulah was sent to rehab in 2014 at just 24 years of age. She had been involved in hard partying for most of her teen years. Bruce gave her an ultimatum to get clean.

8.    Lionel Richie

Far from being daddy’s sweet little girl, Nicole Richie was in a bit of bother in her early years. Born in 1981, she was charged with heroin possession in 2003. Three years later she was convicted of driving whilst under the influence. Recently Lionel Richie has had to come to the furious defense of his daughter when the tabloids started reporting that she was having problems with her husband Joel Madden with whom they have two children. Despite her early problems, Nicole has gone on to forge a lucrative career as a reality television star with the even more notorious Paris Hilton.

9.    George Walker Bush

The 43rd President of the USA has had a past with alcohol but when he came to the Whitehouse in 2001, his twin daughters faced a backlash from the largely hostile media.  Bush and his wife Barbara had twin girls in 1981. Both girls made the headlines when they were charged with underage drinking in 2001 the very year that their father became the most powerful man in the world. They were 20 at the time while Texas law stipulated that the legal drinking age was 21. Since then the girls have been on the straight and narrow like their dad.

10.                       Marlon Brandon

Christian Brando was convicted on manslaughter and consequently incarcerated when he killed his half sister’s boyfriend in 1990. Apparently Christian was inspired to commit the deadly assault when Cheyenne confided in her half-brother that her boyfriend had been abusive to her. Christian decided to take matters in his own hands by shooting the hapless boyfriend right in his dad’s Mulholland Drive estate. He was released in 1996 after serving six years in prison. However his troubles did not end there because in 2005 his ex-wife accused him of spousal abuse. Christian died in 2008 from pneumonia, a tragic end to a troubled life.

11.                       Ozzy Osbourne

Kelly is having a wonderful career as a contributor to the successful E-Network fashion program that was made famous by the late Joan Rivers. However things were not always sweet. Born in 1984, Kelly was arrested for assault when she slapped a reporter from the red top British tabloid newspaper “The Daily Mirror” in 2008. Apparently Zoe Griffin (the reporter) had been in a club when the incident happened. Kelly also had a public spat with Christina Aguilera over weight issues and bullying. The duo later ended the feud and Kelly has taken to her fashion gig like a duck to water.

12.                       Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan has had his fair share of legal dramas including a recent record-breaking payout for invasion of privacy. However at one point it seemed that his son Nick was in danger of upstaging his celebrity father completely. Born in 1990, Nick was involved in a car crash that left one victim bread dead. The celeb scion was charged with reckless driving in 2007. The charges included negligent driving involving serious bodily injury as well as using a vehicle to commit a felony. At the time he was under 21 years of age. His blood alcohol level exceeded the DUI threshold of 0.02%.

13.                       Nicolas Cage

Although he tries to keep a low profile, Nicolas Cage was brought under media scrutiny by his wayward son Weston. Born in 1990; Weston has been going off the rails recently. In 2011 he was arrested for domestic violence. It is also reported that Weston has drug problems and has had to be placed in rehab on at least one occasion. Recently Cage has given an interview to the Daily Mail saying that having a baby saved him from his thirty-beers-a-day habit. He also says that he has struggled with mental issues but does not blame his dad for his troubles.

14.                       Martin Sheen

In this case the child is even the bigger celebrity than the dad. Charlie has done it all culminating in a television interview that he was HIV positive after a lifetime of drugs and sleeping around. Born in 1965, Charlie became the highest earning celebrity during his stint on “Two and a Half Men”. All that blew up in smoke when he went on a public rant that has become something of an urban legend. He has been arrested for drugs offenses and assault on countless occasions. His wife had to get an emergency restraining order in 2009 after he assaulted her.

15.                       Hugh Hefner

Given his father’s notoriety, it may not come as a surprise that Cooper Hefner is not particularly respectful of women. He was only 21 when he was arrested for beating Claire Sinclair. She was his Playmate friend. The Hefner scion was sentenced to 52 weeks in a mandatory domestic violence program. He was also ordered not to visit or contact Claire. A charge for vandalizing her laptop was later dismissed. Ironically the playmates say that Cooper is nothing like his dad despite being groomed to take over the naughty family business, in a mansion which former residents have described as being like a prison.

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