Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Second Look at Clash Royale: The Video Game that everybody is Talking About

There is a new kid on the mobile gaming scene. Clash Royale has made an appearance and the verdict is decidedly positive. The cynics may say that this is yet just another huff and puff piece about nothing but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a truly interesting game that brings a different perspective to the industry at just about the time the “clash” meme had started to fade a bit. In other words its timing is inch perfect. Apple knows that this is a big thing and they have gone out of their way to make a great big splash. Forget the advertising blitz and hype. Underneath is engaging stuff. The nearest comparison is that favorite “Clash of Clans” which took the internet by storm a few months ago. I suppose one can hope that they will not recycle the theme too much because Clash Royale is just made for a spinoff.

A Great Genre and Challenging Game Play

The makers seem to know what the audience wants and they have delivered it in plenty. You have speed, style and the all-important clash features. The basic premise is similar to a card game but thrown together with very intricate strategic considerations. A successful player is expected to have supreme defence otherwise their Clash Royale adventure will be short-lived. You need not be some sort of guru to enjoy this game. The mechanics are pretty straightforward. Only a few practice runs are required and you will be well on your way. The trick is to amass as many cards as you possible can within the allotted timescale. The spread covers very many classes but it is not difficult to get the hang of it. Ultimately you want to be able to create a 30-strong deck. If you find that the going is tough, you can easily sort things out by reading the Hearthstone guide. More importantly, this is a game that allows you to build decks on your own; something that is sadly missing in the gaming industry today.

Spark and Sparkle at the Games

There is no shortage of positive reviews for Clash Royale and with good reason. The game appeals to both the novices and seasoned hands that have dabbled rather too often. Such is its appeal that even people who have never been are giving the niche a second thought. We cannot recommend Clash Royale enough. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

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