Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Oxycodone Usage and Information

Perhaps one of the craziest pricing strategies is that of roxy. Users must be wondering: how much do roxy 30 mg sell for? Time and time again there are unexplainable variances in price depending on where and how you purchase it. Some have argued that these rapid and unwieldy changes in pricing are indicative of an illegal drug trade particularly in the USA.  For example people in Ohio and Florida may get a prescription for no other reason than to resell it at a significant profit to unsuspecting clients in other states.

Abusing the Prescription for a Painkiller

Typically the doctor will prescribe about 240 tablets of roxy 30 mg. This is an essential drug so those that are in pain will do almost anything to get their hands on it even if it means paying above market price. An individual is likely to need about 8 tablets a day depending on their level of pain. On average each pill should cost about $1 so you are looking at a total budget of $240, which should cover you for a month. Now the really clever patients (or non-patients for that matter) will do a mark-up of the costs of travelling from one state to another in order to beat the prescription rules. This is what is known as “sponsoring” and the practice has been compared to becoming a drug mule. Ultimately they may decide that it costs them $500 to move from Florida to Ohio including living expenses. They then add a profit mark-up of about 50%. The total money that they need to make is therefore a combination of the original $240; the travel costs of $500; and the profit mark-up of $120. So that batch needs to be sold for a total of $860. That works out at a price of about $3.59. As you can see the final price that the end user pays is 3.59 times (a 359% inflation) of the original real price.

How much do roxy 30 mg sell for?

The example above is just one of the strands of the price variations that consumers have to deal with. Depending on your need and how heartless your supplier is, the margins could go considerably higher than the illustration. Many patients come to a conclusion that they can make a substantial profit from their own prescriptions particularly if the buyer on the other end gets hooked to the extent that they take on different and more intense versions of roxy at increasing prices. We have not yet even tackled the possibility that the drugs could be exported to Mexico, Peru and Africa where the mark-up could be much higher; going into the ridiculous realms of 1000% profit. India and Pakistan can provide cheap alternatives at about $13 a pill but more often than not, these products are fake and harmful. Those who are lucky enough to live in Canada or Western Europe could get the drug for free. Some manufacturers like Covidien/Mallinckrodt have tried to stem the tide with some rebate coupons under a patient assistance program but that does not cover everybody.  So next time someone asks: how much do roxy 30 mg sell for? Answer them with a rhetorical question as follows: How long is a piece of string?

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