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High Quality Used Pianos for Sale in Singapore

Piano repair in Singapore is a very important business because the classical music tradition is beginning to earn popular acclaim. Many want their children to learn the skills and art of playing piano music. Popular culture has also played a role in bringing Singaporeans closer to classical music.  Those people that have already bought instruments will know that it is vital to have a good team to help you repair the instrument and maintain it. In the long run this will reduce the costs that you have to incur. At the same time it will ensure that you get a lot of longevity from the product that you have bought. That is where Piano DoReMi comes in. This is an expert team with knowledge about the industry as well as an awareness of customer needs. By consulting them you will get a chance to ensure that your instrument is in the best shape possible.

Things to Consider for Piano Repair in Singapore

The first major consideration is whether you have an electronic or manual piano. Each of these has specific requirements that must be overseen by an expert eye. For electronics the wiring and configuration is critical. If there is a foreign element or exposure to water then the piano will not function. The experts at Piano DoReMi will be able to advise you on the next steps depending on the type of instrument that you have. The manual ones tend to have problems with strings. They can be affected by wear and tear as well as the general weather conditions in Singapore. This new exciting outlet will also be dealing in the purchase and sale of second hand pianos. All clients are welcome.
Quality affects virtually every aspect of the industry. It starts with the product that you initially purchase for your home but also extends to piano repair in Singapore. These are rather delicate items that need a specialist to look after their general functionality. In order to ensure that you get the best quality, it is a great idea to drop in and see what the showroom has to offer. Here you will get a chance to browse the different brands of quality pianos that are on display as well as discussing some of your needs with the experts that will be on hand to help.

The great thing about visiting showrooms is that you get a chance to handle the pianos and try them out. Nothing beats playing an instrument when you want to understand its condition. Your needs are catered for in every way because Piano DoReMi has products that are in different prices ranges and come from various brands including Yamaha. You get to select the model of your choice and speak to someone that really understands piano repair in Singapore. All that you need to do now is visit the show room and make an inquiry about what is available. You will never look back once you have a sound instrument that can give you quality music for years on end. 

Celebrate Ugadhi in Singapore by watching latest Tamil movies on YuppFlix

There is no better way to celebrate Ugadhi than by watching some wonderful Tamil movies online. It is a cheap and convenient way to bring the family together even if you are far away from home.  Those Indians that are resident in Singapore will find this a great way to connect to their home culture. You can share stories and plotlines with loved ones on the internet or via the phone. There are so many popular movies that are being shown with relevant cultural themes. One of the stars at the moment is "Pugazh" with its uplifting and exciting plotlines. This is a fantastic way to reconnect with your community and have a bit of family fun.

Get the Drama and your Favorite Stars

The offerings are virtually limitless. For example the drama “Soggade Chinni Nayana” has become something of a fan favorite with all its top great celebrity actors including Anasuya Bharadwaj, Ramya Krishnan and Lavanya Tripati. For as little as $4.99 you can watch some of the biggest and most popular feature films online. Highlights include: “The Man Who Knew Infinity” which came out in 2015. Alternatively you may go for “Dheepan”. This year we have some real blockbusters like “Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum”. Next year there are rumors that “Robot 2” will be coming out. Many Indian communities in the diaspora enjoy watching this movies via pay per view because they are often in the original language and can be accessed outside the normal television scheduling.

Now that the preparations are seriously underway for Ugadhi, it is time to get those subscriptions going. The old VHS is quite obsolete and even DVDs are losing their sparkle. The new age is all about picking up your favorite movies online, at your convenience. Some of the early birds in the festivities include the Telugu community which has already started decorating homes and shopping for their entertainment. After the prayers and thanks for a blissful year; it will be time to watch all those great movies till the end of the day. Thankfully there are many Indian TV channels in Singapore to choose from. Being far away from home does not mean that you have to miss out on the fun. Get the kids and the rest of the family to join in by helping you to select the movies that you will be watching. This year seems particularly exciting so we wish you a wonderful Ugadhi day with lots of family entertainment. 

An Article about Rubbish and Junk Removal Services in London

Introduction to the City of London and its Waste Management Process

As one of the busiest cities in the world; London is the hub of an incredible range of economic activities. From restaurants to theatres to universities; the urban population is continuously producing waste material. That is not even considering household waste. By law; littering and unhealthy living conditions are not acceptable and there are a range of fines for those that do not comply. That is why has come up with services that give local people peace of mind. They can rest assured that their waste will be removed and disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. This article gives you an introduction to the process of junk removal in London and how to find the services that meet your needs.

Expert Help and Courteous Professionals

The first thing to consider is the level of expertise and relative experience of the rubbish disposal expert that you have in mind. In the case of, there is a specific training procedure that ensures safety, efficiency and a timely response to client requests. This is a highly technical process that requires a good understanding of environmental health issues as well as the general rules that govern how the city is run. The onus is on the property owner or occupant to satisfy themselves that the person they are hiring is up to the job.
Secondly the general attitude of the contractors is of vital importance. The last thing you need is to wait for ages before you can access junk removal services. In order to assist local residents and businesses, there is an accreditation system that ensures that only those who are good at their jobs are given the opportunity to serve clients. Some of the issues that will be addressed include CRB clearance and licensing.

Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2016 and 2017

Arranging a wedding is one of the most stressful activities for anyone regardless of whether they are the bride or the groom. The stress extends to friends and families who are closely involved in the event. This article discusses some of the wedding dated schedules that you must avoid for this year and next year. The good thing is that we have a fairly good idea of the major events that are going to happen in 2016 and 2017 so it makes your planning a lot easier.

The Dates that are Personally Important to You

It is a good idea to clear the diary so that your big day happens when you have no distractions. Selecting a day that is personally significant to you is a bad decision because it could potentially cause a clash, mixed loyalties and anxiety. Look at your calendar to rule out certain standard days that are potentially occupied with your personal issues. For example you should avoid clashes with the weddings of friends and family. Likewise if you intend to attend a colleague reunion or anyone of your guests is likely to attend then you should rule them out. Check for anniversaries of people within your circle and call to confirm if you are not sure. If your city or locality has a convention which you or any of the guests are expected to attend then it is probably a good idea to rule them out. Your local chamber of commerce will be able to give you a run-down of the main events that are taking place in your area.

Nationally Recognized Bank Holiday Weekends

There are advantages and disadvantages for selecting a holiday weekend. On one hand it is the time when everyone is going to be off work so that they are available to attend your big day. On the other hand there is a risk that you will be disrupting the plans of others that are supposed to attend your event. The people who work very hard throughout the year take their days off as something that is precious which must be protected at all costs. Moreover these bank holiday weekends give you an extra Friday or Monday so that your guests do not feel that they have to mute their enjoyment in order to prepare for the following working day. Research has shown that Sunday is an excellent day because it is cheaper than Saturday as long as the Monday is going to be free. Otherwise you may be faced with guests that will not touch alcohol or dance. The problem with bank holidays is that when hotels and guest houses hike their fees so you are left paying a premium for your event.

Valentine’s Day and Other Romantic Weekends

It seems rather strange to include this when advising you about how to avoid wedding dates. This is because Valentine’s Day has such a romantic association that it seems the perfect finish to your nuptials. Unfortunately it has spawned an industry in indulgent flowers which are hiked beyond any reasonable measure. Therefore you could end up with a ridiculously high bill for flowers when you could have spent the money elsewhere on essential items. In particular you will find that red roses are out of the question for such a day. Reception venues will also charge a lot more based on the fact that everyone will want to go out and have fun on Valentine’s Day. Of course it could turn out that your friends are very tolerant and are happy to indulge you for your quirky choices. Nevertheless you can expect that turn out will be smaller than usual if you opt for such “popular” dates.

Religious Festivals

It is never a good idea to select religious festivals for your big event. This is because the people that are going to attend come from all walks of life with different faiths. If you ignore their cultural traditions and the importance that they have for them; then you are being a horrendous host. Indeed you may find that you are getting many rejections for no other reason than the fact that you have failed to properly account for the occurrence of these religious festivals. Therefore you need to stay away from Christmas, Easter, Hanukah, Passover, Ascension Day, the Chinese New Year, Lent, Eid, Fasting Months and even Kwanza. This is not about being politically correct but recognizing the fact that you have a diverse group of friends and family who deserve respect when you are scheduling your wedding. Of course there comes a time when you have to go with the convenience of the majority. Do not over-compromise on your preferences just because you want to please everybody.

Major Public Events

Each country will have designated days that are for specific national events. In the USA it includes the Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Women’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween and the Day of Remembrance. There are very clear reasons why you need to avoid these. First of all the security detail is going to be horrendous. Everyone will want to be with their own family or out enjoying the national activities. The last thing they need is to be huddled in your reception hall trying to avoid listening to the major events that are taking place outside. These are clearly bad wedding dates. Likewise you should not try to compete with the major sporting events like Super bowl, NFL, Grand Slam finals and the FIFA World Cup. The chances are that if you do this, the sports aficionados will avoid you like the plague. 


Selecting a wedding date must seem like a nightmare. You potentially have 354 days to choose from which can be traditionally narrowed down to 52 Saturdays. In reality when you consider all the bad choices that we have just detailed above, the free wedding dates are actually few and far between. Therefore the decision-making process should be relatively straightforward. At the very least, reading this article has given you a hint about the factors that you need to take into consideration. 

Introducing the “So You Think You Can Dance” Indian Dance Show

About the Show

You can now watch so you think you can dance shows. The “So You Think You Can Dance” series is coming to the Indian Hindi community. Produced by Endemol India of Deepak Dhar, this program takes on a talent show format with a range of contestants showing their routines before the judges make comments and the audience votes for their choices. It is anticipated that the show will be shown every Sunday and Saturday night and will be closely related to the original American series that had been created by the Dick Clark Productions.

Upcoming Premier

The first season is expected to take place in April and those that watch TV online will be able to get all the episodes. Each program is going to last about 45 minutes in 576i (SDTV) picture format as well as 1080i (HDTV). Auditions for the program started as far back as far back as February 2016. Contestants will be expected to perform a number of genres included ballet, acro, lyrical, hip-hop, modern, jazz and tap.

The Judges and Host

The first judge who was announced is Varun Dhawan. The 28-year old is a Punjabi actor who has been active in the industry since 2012. He is a scion of the film director David Dhawan and studied at the Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Some of this main gigs include a stint as an assistant director to Karan Johar when working on “My Name is Khan” in 2010. He has also starred in “Student of the Year” which was released in 2010 and was nominated for the “Best Male Debut” prize at the Filmfare Festival.
The second judge is Hrithik Roshan, a 42-year old actor from Mumbai. Roshan was a child star between 1980 and 1986 before becoming an assistant director. He was married to Sussanne Khan for ten years but they divorced in 2014 although the marriage produced two children. Roshan is a Bollywood staple and has won six Filmfare Awards. He is considered one of the most attractive celebrities in India at the moment.
The show’s host will be Mouni ‘Naagin’ Roy, the beautiful actress who has been catapulted to small screen fame. Born in 1985, Roy is a West Bengal native who dabbles as a dancer.  She has been a fixture in showbiz since 2007. Her big roles include Krishnatulsi in “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and Shivanya in “Nagin”.

Indians Abroad

Indians living abroad can easily watch the show by subscribing to Hindi TV packages. The show will be available offline and online.

A Review of CurvyBust

What is CurvyBust?

CurvyBust is a breast-enhancement product with a number of intriguing characteristics. First of all it is natural and therefore avoids the trauma of surgery. Not only does it enhance size, it also adds to the suppleness of the breast. The solution is very effective and convenient for women who have been grappling with image and confidence issues. Its application is relatively simple and convenient. You only need a few weeks of application in order to start getting the much-vaunted results. The product is known for stimulating cell growth as well as the development of mammary glands which are the basic breast tissue. It comes highly recommended on the basis that it mimics the natural breast development process that a female human being undergoes when they are either pregnant or undergoing puberty. Moreover the creams consists of natural ingredients. When compared to the alternatives such as injections, implants and hormones; this is definitely a much safer solution. In addition you do not get significant changes to your body makeup or structure unlike some of the other treatments like silicone implants. In practical terms you no longer have to worry about carrying heavy pads and stuffing when you use this cream.

How Does CurvyBust Work?

There is an easy and straightforward 2-step process for this product. First of all you apply the cream two times a day using your hand. The best approach is to do it once in the morning and once in the evening. It is advisable to schedule this routine after your morning bath and before you go to bed. You have to ensure that you work on each breast separately. The massage emotion has to be done very specifically. You rub the cream-in using a circular motion until you can see that it has been fully absorbed into the flesh. Cover all the entire areas not just the nipples. Remember that this product works on the breast as a whole rather than specific parts.  The process should be continued for between 14 and 21 days (2-3 weeks). It is not a tedious routine and only takes a few minutes out of your time. The results are very noticeable after that initial period. Meanwhile there will be important changes taking place within the body as the mammary glands begin to grow bigger and bigger. You will be amazed that the expanding feeling that you last experienced when you were a teenager will return. The growth is gradual rather than in spurts. However some women report an enlargement that is as big as 15 cup sizes. It is advisable to watch how the breasts are developing so that you do not over-grow them to a level that is going to cause you mobility issues.

CurvyBust Ingredients

This is a product that has been carefully conceived and prepared for maximum impact. Therefore its ingredients reflect the priorities for the user as well as the objectives of the manufacturer. The great thing is that CurvyBust is very clear on a description of what it contains. All of the ingredients are natural and botanical. They include Safflower oil, Kava-kava, Blessed Thistle and Damiana. Each of these ingredients has its own natural benefits which you benefit from when you use the cream. A case in point is Damiana which has been known to increase the bust. The shrub has anti-carcinogenic qualities thanks to its range of rich phytochemicals. Moreover this particular ingredient is wonderful for calming nerves and dealing with the effects of depression. The history of Blessed Thistle is well known thanks to its pivotal role in fighting the bubonic plague during the Middle Ages. It is frequently consumed as a tea ingredient which goes on to confirm its safety credentials and therapeutic qualities. For women who are of a child-bearing age, Blessed Thistle can improve the ability to produce milk. Kava-kava has Western Pacific origins and is known to help with anxiety disorders as well as insomnia. Using this ingredient helps to relax both the mind and body. It is also known to assist the body when producing the prolactin hormone. Interestingly this is the hormone that is responsible for breast growth. For its part, Safflower oil is a very safe ingredient which stimulates the expansion of the mammary gland tissue.

Benefits of CurvyBust

The most important benefit of the product is the fact that it uses natural ingredients with a proven pedigree. They are safe to use and actually deliver the results that you are looking for. The fact that you spread the product across the breast is also an advantage in as much as it allows for even growth rather than leaving you with peaks and troughs. Anecdotal evidence suggest that upwards of 70% of people that have used the product have reported positive effects. The results are mainly permanent unlike the commercial pumps that soon deflate when you stop using them. There are no dark night glows with this one and you will actually be a natural in the truest sense of the word instead of having to face snarky comments about having work done. These ingredients have anti-carcinogenic qualities and will therefore come as a reassurance to women who are worried about their health.

How to Buy CurvyBust

The product is readily available on the main website. You can start by getting a 4 ounce bottle which covers you for 12 days. This is a good way to test whether you are getting the results that you were hoping for. There is also a convenient refilling service when you are satisfied with the initial tests. This program allows you to get a dose of CurvyBust every thirty days. The 15-day trial costs just $5.00 for shipping costs. You can cancel any time before the 15th day without further charge. Those who do not cancel the product will pay $79.00 plus shipping for the entire monthly dosage.

CurvyBust Testimonial

I cannot commend this product enough. I have always been a rather less-endowed lady and have in my time lived up many cruel comments from even my closest friends. It was only last month that I decided to give CurvyBust a try after a recommendation by friend. It has been a wonderful experience. My bust feels natural and reassuringly good. I keep feeling my little babies just to make sure that they are real. This product deserves 5 stars out of 5. 

10 Obscure Mysteries about Life, Death and Universe

The world is full of mystery. We see what we are not supposed to see and hear what we are not meant to hear. Tales of life and death, ghosts and aliens dominate our collective conscience. This is a run-down of some of the most potent but obscure mysteries in the world. Here you will encounter UFOs, demons, monsters and witches who make the universe all the more interesting.

1. The Night Dancers of Bukunja

To date nobody has been able to convincingly explain the phenomenon of the night dancers of Bukunja in Uganda. Local folklore says that these are cannibals who are overtaken by the spirits of the dead and travel at lightning speed in the night, destroying crops and defacing property with feces. They stand accused of grinding the bones of babies to make a powerful concoction that is used to fertilize their lands. Others marvel at tales of large acres of agricultural land that is tilled by a single night dancer in a single day by capturing the spirits of the living and putting them to work.  These evil beings capture the bodies of the living and force them to eat the flesh of dead bodies. Using a spoon and a human bone, they are able to summon the dead before eating them. When the night dancer is caught, they foam at the mouth and cannot seem to remember what they did. A gory end awaits night dancers if members of the community capture them. They are stuffed with raw bananas in their anus until they die. Psychologists and psychiatrists have tried in vain to explain this phenomenon (of those who fleet from life to death and back) without success. Understandably the night dancers are said to be very secretive about their religion and practices.

2. The Jatinga Bird Suicide

The massive bird suicide of Jatinga in India remains one of the enduring but obscure mysteries of the universe. This small rural community of Assam is deceptively beautiful with plenty of flora and fauna but it hides a terrible story behind the enchanting outlook. Between September and November each year, a number of migratory birds congregate in Jatinga. Their arrival coincides with the monsoon season. Between 7 and 10 pm on the allotted date, hundreds of the avian visitors come down from the sky falling into trees and buildings. They make no attempt to cushion their fall and consequently suffer a gruesome death. Folklore has speculated that the birds commit suicide at the behest of evil spirits who reside in the sky. The scientists claim that it is the monsoon winds that disorientate the birds and cause them to fall because they are looking for the lights in the village. Nevertheless the villagers continue to believe that there is something mysteriously evil going on.

3. Dyatlov Pass Incident

The “mountain of the dead” mystery continues to fascinate and baffle in equal measure. Nine Russian mountaineers met a gruesome death whilst on a skiing trip in the 1950s. It is no secret that these men and women died tragically but the explanation of their death leaves many questions unanswered. Researchers concluded that some unknown compelling force must have devoured the trekkers from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. They had a number of strange signs when they were discovered including broken skulls, missing tongues, fractured chest bones, missing eyes and brain trauma. It also seemed that strips of cloth had been cut from the victims. The authorities were so baffled by the mysterious incident that they barred anyone from visiting the site for three full years until they could ascertain what exactly had taken these young lives. The findings were inconclusive. It could not be said whether humans, animals or some other unknown force had killed the trekkers. We must secretly wonder whether there are life forces that take people mysteriously without us ever finding out what really happened.

4. Hudra the Nordic Troll

If you think trolls are limited to the internet then you can think again. Hudra is a female troll that is said to live in the woods. Beautiful, Huldra hides a terrible mystery that will scare the living daylights out of you. She is said to be very wild but otherwise harmless. Her long cow tail adds to the frightening imagery surrounding her. This menacing tail is hidden when you approach. Legend has it that she was one of Adam and Eve’s children who were cursed to remain hidden forever. Hudra is said to be very flirtatious but neither good nor evil.  She is one of the lost souls that are destined to spend the rest of their existence in the underworld. God ordered that that which is hidden will remain hidden. We all secretly hope never to meet her in person.

5. Nicaraguan Vampire Tree

The phenomenon of flesh-eating plants has always fascinated us because we tend to prefer plants as helpless victims rather than aggressive carnivores. Nicaragua has brought us tales of the creepy vampire vine. This harbinger of a horrendous death has been invariably referred to as the “Devil’s Snare” on account of its associations with the evil underworld. Unlike most plants; the vampire tree closely resembles an octopus. The naturalist Dunstan has confirmed sightings during his anthropological travels. He describes a plant that is quite capable of engulfing a dog in its deadly embrace. Using thick fibers and menacing dark barks; the tree was able to entrap the hapless dog. The tree is said to have a series of pores that exude a thick gum that smelled like rotting animal flesh. When Dunstan tried to release the dog by cutting the roots, the murderous tree started to wrap around his fingers. He barely escaped with blistered hands. When the dog was able to escape, it had holes as if something had sucked blood from it. The really terrifying thing is that the plant seems to crave human flesh.  

6. The Sick Sacrificial Ice Mummy

The recently discovered Incan mummy speaks of the darker nature of humanity. Apparently the process of preservation had etched the gory details of the poor girl’s death. She had been sacrificed and had a lung infection that had survived all the 500 years since her death. Researchers concluded that she had suffered from Spanish flue but what remained mysterious was how the disease had managed to survive its victim. The dark side of humanity was evident all those years ago when the girl was sacrificed at the Llullaillaco volcano in Argentina. Apparently the body was so well preserve that there was still some lice in its hair. The ancient peoples regularly engaged in this type of sacrifice which they referred to as “capacocha”; a long process that began years before the victim was actually killed. In this case it is estimated that the girl was only fifteen when she met her gruesome death. The idea that apparently civilized human beings are capable of sacrificing one another is not as alien as it seems. We are regularly besieged by horror stories of people who have enslaved and abused their family in cold blood. That poor girl’s soul will have many companions in death.

7. Nökken the Sly Water Creature

Nökken is a water creature whose history is steeped in mystery. His preferred domain includes ponds and other deep freshwater bodies. The dark eyes which creep up the water surface adds to the terrifying spectacle of a creature peering at those who pass by. Sometimes Nökken is able to reappear as a beautiful young man. He uses this disguise to trick gullible women into falling to their death in the water. Nökken is very adept at changing his shape in order to confuse the living. For example he can appear as a white horse and encourage young children to ride on his back. Nökken will then jump into the water in order to drown his precious cargo. The only way to save yourself from the evil machinations of Nökken is to throw a piece of metal in the water. This folk cult figure frightens the child in us and reminds us that nature can be enticingly cruel.

8. The Accursed Island of Daksa

Talk about a property that will not shift….The Island of Daksa in Croatia fits this bill for very mysterious reasons. It is truly beautiful and peaceful. Some would go as far as saying that this coastal paradise near Dubrovnik is too peaceful for comfort. The truth is that it hides a horrendous history in which 48 Nazi sympathizers were massacred. The mayor at the time was part of the gruesome bloodbath. For many years the bodies of the dead remained unburied. Those that have dared to venture to this island of death report hearing eerie moaning during dark stormy nights. Despite repeated price reductions to attract buyers, nobody seems to be interested in this offer. It remains the bloody scene of the ambiguous justice of the victor. Here is a real life horror story with so many tragic and ironic endings. One wonders whether those moaning sounds are of souls in regret and repentance or whether they are haunting calls for retribution in atonement the bloody scenes that once overtook Daksa.

9. The Sea City

There are always tales of the other world which sees us but which we cannot see. A man described how he was sent by his father to live under the sea with mysterious people. Only the children of the chosen ones are admitted. They are then taken through a terrifying ritual of conversion in which they learn all the tricks of witchcraft and other forms of sorcery. He describes it as a beautiful place with supernatural beings that can create paradise and evil in equal measure. The “City under the Sea” has achieved legendary status and has been retold in many different cultures often focusing on those that are greedy for wealth and are willing to do virtually anything to get it. It is a tale of life forms that are alien and frightening to the rest of us. So much remains unanswered and so much is suggested. What do the people live like in those underwater cities? Are they amphibians? We also worry that at any moment our children are going to be captured and sold to foreign lands from which they will never return.

10. The Ouija Board Possessed Girl

There is something almost comical about the tale of a Peruvian girl that became possessed as she played with an Ouija Board App. It is a modern tale of virtual life in which reality is constructed and veers towards terrifying dimensions. This is a story of a demon that is able to use modern technology in order to capture the attentions of the unsuspecting. Patricia Quispe was 18 years of age at the time and was apparently sound of mind. What happened in Chosica would turn her into an urban legend that went way beyond its humble beginnings in Peru. She said that it is her friends who sneakily enticed her into downloading the app and she lived to regret it. The symptoms or stigmata that she experienced included screaming, convulsing and foaming at the mouth. The skeptics are not entirely convinced and argue that she might have been onto something. Everything about her changed. Mystery can come from the strangest places. Technology controls so many parts of our lives that this tale may be the logical conclusion to a world in which we are mere cogwheels in a sequence of technology updates.

A Final Word

It seems that the entire universe has gone mad with all sorts of unexplained phenomenon coming to the fore. These tales come from so many different cultures and in some many different instances that one has to begin to wonder whether there is another dimension of life that is just waiting to pounce the moment we let our guard down. What seems like pure fiction now may become a nightmarish existence when you are next in line for a mysterious event. The skeptics always give us explanations but they are careful never to make them seem certain. It is always left to the imagination to fill in the blanks. Ambiguity is all part of the fun.