Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Guide to Timenauts Hack Cheats: The Top Tips

There is always a legal but sneaky way to get around the gaming rules. These Timenauts tips help you to improve your winnings and success. They are the ultimate hack tool for novices.

Keep those heroes upgraded all the time

These upgrades gradually improve your states even if you are on a low level or going through an evolution state. It also helps to increase speed and the deployment of the cooldown feature. Each hero has up to 30 different upgrades to choose from.

Level the vessels if you can

One of the sneaky cheats is to level your vessels in order to increase their hit points. This helps to increase the power of their skills as well as the energy cap. This gives you unlimited advantage over any opponents.

Collect skills like there is no tomorrow

The downloaded version of the game gives many opportunities to increase your skills in case of an emergency. Store some equipped spells so that you can use them in battle, the only time they can be consumed. This is particularly important when you have five or more wins in the Arena.

Take advantage of available classes

All the classes in your team are there for you to use. Remember that in Timenauts there is at least one hero in each class of Damage, Balance, Tank and Runner. Select the ones that suit your playing style best. Make sure the Damaging heroes are attacking from the rear while the Tanks and Runners protect them.

Energy heroes are good

Make sure that you bring at least one Energy hero regardless of whether the game is free or one that you have acquired specifically for your android device. If it takes a lot of energy to deploy a hero then it means that they are quite strong. They will help to take out your enemies regardless of the iOS version that you are using.

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