Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Leggings as Pants is the New Must-Have Fashion Trend: Wear them well or not at All!!!

Fashion trends are the epitome of fickleness and that is precisely why we love them. Once upon a time leggings were nothing more than mildly amusing relics of ballet. Then the “Yoganistas” took them on a-la-1980s style. Now there is a huge following for women’s pants online and the preferred pieces are none other than those trusted leggings. Here is a word of warning for those that venture into this trendy leggy-land: You had better wear that stuff well or you will end up looking ridiculous.

The Figure, the Personality and the Boldness

This trend is not for the fainthearted. You need to have some nerve and a good deal of crassness to carry them off. Think before you order leggings online because “unseen” fittings are likely to be a disaster. There is a delicate line between being bold and being plain stupid. These beauties are not for good-sized legs. Everything is exposed and the figure needs to be sleek. Think Wallis Simpson, if you must. Alternatively you can hit the gym right away. Of course if you are blessed Jane Fonda-nesque genes then this trend will hold no fear for you.

There is a relatively simple rule for these pants and leggings online: go top-heavy and bottom-thin, simultaneously. There is something oddly appealing about a ruffled top and sleek tight bottoms. Another surprising oddity about them is that they go with both sharp F-me stilettos and fluffy sports shoes. It all depends on who you want to see and what you want to do with them. Above all you must have the right figure. Bottom wear for women is a diverse niche with plenty of choice. There is absolutely no reason for you to select something that you are not perfect for. Good luck with the new trend…you will need it. 

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