Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Teen World War: Two Kids Fight over a Bong

Don’t ever steal another man’s bong. This video her https://youtu.be/5TRV50S8nIM is a hilarious view of two teen boys fighting over a bong. Apparently the one with dark hair (let us call him the bonger) stands accused of nicking a bong from the blond one (let us call him the bongee). It all happens in the lush neighborhoods of suburbia in front of a garage (probably belonging to mummy or daddy or both). The bongee starts by throwing punches, flaying wildly as the startled bonger runs away. He asks him why the fight and the other responds that he had heard from a friend of a friend that he stole his bong. The bong thief denies it and then begins to fight back. At first it seems that the bong owner is winning but once the alleged thief is able to get his act together, the match swings the other way.

An Intermission for Verbal Exchanges

Amazingly the two kids then stop fighting suddenly and start arguing, almost as if they are in a court and trying to work out who did what. The accuser restates his case and the suspected bong bandit continues with his denial. Tempers flare again and they are back at it. Somehow the alleged thief manages to lose his shirt and is on top of the bongee. The bongee fights back by pinching his nipples. “Pussy” and “Faggot” insults are liberally exchanged between these two American sweethearts. In fury the blond chap heaves the other teen off and begins to punch him. All the time he is interrogating him and asking him to confess what he did. Finally the bonger hints that he might have done it but there is nothing that this “softie” is going to do about it. They fight for a bit more.

The Bilateral Secession of Hostilities

As quickly as the fight started, it stops. The alleged thief goes his way and the blond is left standing in front of the posh house. What was the point I ask? It might have been better if the two guys just shared a bong and got high instead of fighting like silly punks in the street. However as someone pointed out, this time nobody bothered to call the police. Probably they thought that there was nothing serious about two tweens fighting over a bong. I am not even sure that they did not take something before fighting….Crazy teens!!!

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