Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Comprehensive Guide to Sims Freeplay Cheats

There are so many options when it comes to Sims freeplay cheats that it can become even overwhelming to settle on a single one. The first is the highchair glitch which works with the Easy Simoleons game. If you have a 0 SP in possession, make sure that you open the store that sells them for kids. The infants section is particularly generous. Buy the white highchair because it is possible to make the purchase even without immediate funds. Continue purchasing and reselling until you can make a profit.

The Endless LP Cheat

The important thing to remember for Sims freeplay cheats is that you are awarded 5LP every time that you reach a new population milestone. Make sure that you delete an item in order to go back to the pre-threshold stage. You then press the home button and stop the game in the multi-task menu. Afterwards you can switch on the game again and the reward will return.

The Cycle of Money

The LP that you will have earned from the previous Sims freeplay cheats will help you to purchase new featured items. For example the coffin bed can be bought for 6LP and then resold for 2000. The process can be repeated countless times in order to fatten your reserve.  In order to expand the earnings further, go into a store where you can buy money and other stuff. However exit the game as soon as you push the button. Wait for ten seconds before going back in. What happens is that now the offers are free and unlimited.

Earn Some Free Simoleons as well as LPs

Make sure that you click on the purple button. This will immediately take you to the store where it is possible to buy Simoleons with your credit card. You can also get lifestyle points here. As you connect to the server, the screen will come up. You should immediately press the home button on the iPhone in order to exit the game. After waiting for ten seconds you can open the game again and hit the red button to cancel the stores loading screen. Click on the store button once more and you will find that everything is free.


The makers of these games must realize that there are Sims freeplay cheats on the loose but they continue leaving the loopholes. Perhaps it is a clever marketing ploy to get you playing again and again. After all these moves are addictive. 

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