Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Disney Magic Kingdoms for PC: Tips and Guides for the Player

You will need good strategy to win at the Disney Magic Kingdoms for PC.  There is no currency on this one so you have to be imaginative and change the way you operate completely. It is the blue liquid that is really the important part.

Get your attractions in order

Some of the best strategies for being on the top on this Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP game is to ensure that you have the best attractions, decorations and concession stands. Over time your infrastructure will generate specific types of magic. Watch your characters on the android APK platform as well because they tend to do rather random things.

Guard your corner jealously

If you find that one of your aces is AWOL, try to bring them back or else you will suffer an empty nest syndrome. The key is to make your stall as attractive as it can be using the options on your iOS. The MAC version is particularly good for showing you all the graphics that are available to use.

Be slow but sure and steady

There is a tendency to get rushed on this game immediately after you have downloaded it but that could lead you to make bad decisions. Start with one task and complete the quest so that you can unlock more opportunities. Use the checklist icon on your bottom left to ensure that you complete quickly and efficiently.

Use the icons imaginatively and interchangeably

The graphics make this very easy even if you have a free component. For example tapping any character that is not busy will allow you to open up a list of potential actions which you can very easily assign to it. This is not only convenient but it makes the gameplay much faster.


This is a game that can be easily enjoyed on your laptop or desktop as long as you have the right software and strategies. The tips above will work miracles for you as you enjoy the Disney Magic Kingdoms for PC.

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