Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Review of the Mongol Treasures Slot

This is a game that inspires the traditions of an ancient empire whilst offering entertainment opportunities of a thoroughly modern nature. It is for this reason that Mongol Treasures Slot has become one of the most sought-after games online and offline.


This game decidedly hacks back to the past. All the colors speak of legends and unimaginable feats of endurance as well as flashes of brilliance. It focuses on the horses which were kept by the ancient Mongols and their use in battle is of paramount importance.

Bonus Features

It is possible to bet up to 100 coins on a single payline which means that the total bet could go as high as 1000 coins. There is a “Take Risk” button which allows you to gamble your winnings but this is not a particularly good strategy unless you have a lot of experience in the Mongol Treasures Slot game. The symbol of a woman is critical because it can be a wild or scatter omen. It is what determines how many bitcoins you win in the end.

No of Rows

The standard ten rows in Mongol Treasures Slot are complemented by a coin button which controls the value as well as a spinner that reels of the selected wager. In the auto mode you can spin a number of pre-determined times while the UP and DOWN buttons allows you to select your total bet.

No of Reels

The five reels give opportunities for a number of permutations and combinations for the gamer. Coin values can range anywhere from 0.01 to 5. The auto format is very good if you want extended uninterrupted gameplay. A player can pick one of the 4 face-down cards and if the value is bigger than the dealer’s then the sum is increased but if it is lower the amount is lost and the gamble ends. You are free to terminate the game mid-session by pressing the “Take Win” button. .

No of Paylines

The ten paylines can give you a 5000-con jackpot in very special circumstances. This happens if the 5-man symbol appears on any activated payline. It is this generosity that has made Mongol Treasures Slot a fan favorite. They know that even on a bad day, they have a chance to make some money.

Coin Sizes

The range for the coin size is 0.01 to 5. This wide range allows you to configure the game in the format that is most comfortable for you.

Jackpot Amount

It is a rare event but Mongol Treasures Slot does have an amazing jackpot of 5000 coins which can give you limitless opportunities. Always try to win three or more of the Lady Luck prizes in order to increase your chances of getting this boon.


Mongol Treasures Slot earns 4 stars out of 5 for its generosity. 

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