Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Foul-Mouthed Kids Sort it out in a Rough Melee

What is America coming to? Two kids started a big melee, rolling on the ground. The link is here: https://youtu.be/Zs-1ekqVMrM . The white kid was being done in by his chunkier Chinese-looking opponent. The big kid stomped on him and did a semi-death lock with the conquered boy facing down, head pull up and a choke to the neck. The bigger lad was sitting on top of the smaller boy. That must have hurt a bit.  Not to be outdone, the smaller due started talking back…and boy does he have a potty mouth? I am not sure what was funnier; the death lock or the chat back.

Rough as rough does

The smaller boy started punking out his stronger opponent, telling him that he was trying to “teabag” him? Meanwhile two other unseen kids were giving running commentaries saying that the bigger had had just “impregnated” his quarry. The harsh commentary must have hurt because suddenly the big boy got off his opponent and moved to the opposite side of the road. Meanwhile the white kid continued with his tirade suggesting that his opponent was smelling “shitty” and wanted to make love to him.

An Angelic She-Devil

Then came the real surprise: we finally saw who had been giving the real badass commentary. It was none other than a sweet looking little girl. Who could have thought such an angel would talk so dirty. To make matters worse the girl came out and punched the mouthy white kid. These kids really have some anger issues. In fact looking back it might have been that little girl that started the whole thing. She seems to be enjoying the edging on and in the final moments when the fat kid gave up; she decided enough was enough. It was time for her to step in and land the final blow. This video is hilarious and kinda sad too. 

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