Wednesday, 13 April 2016

10 Super Hobbies for Teens

Teens are at that awkward stage between being children and becoming adults. Although they tend to associate with peers more than parents, boredom is a big problem (Fernchild, 2016). Here is a list of 10 Super Hobbies for Teens. They are adapted from Buzzfeed (Falletta, 2016). Parents, guardians and community leaders can also reference the hobbies when looking after these young people.

1.0 Crafting and Upcycling

Not only is this therapeutic but it can also help teens to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Get all the trash in the home and make it into something useful. You can use anything from CDs to old bedsheets. The resultant items can be kept as mementos, sold or given away for charity.

2.0 Learn to Cook

There are no more maids to order about, so the onus is on you to cook for yourself. Get a recipe book and try out local ingredients. The results could do wonders for your family dinners. It is also a lifelong skill that could eventually become your profession.

3.0 Start Painting

Painting is a great form of expression and can calm your nerves in stressful situations. Use as many materials as you want, bearing in mind that amateurs have the right to make mistakes. As you get better and enlarge your collection, it may even be possible to present an exhibition.

4.0 Write a Diary or Journal

We do so many interesting things in our lives but hardly ever record them. Start a private journal to record your personal experiences, thoughts, perspectives and journey. You never know; they could become extremely valuable when you become famous. It is also a nice way to structure your day.

5.0 Do Some Broadcasting

This sounds like a very challenging hobby but all you really need is a podcast. There is always someone in the community that wants to speak to someone else. You can do the radio on your off days or during your leisure time. It will make you lots of friends and improve your confidence in public speaking.

6.0 Go Rock Climbing

You cannot go wrong with rock climbing when it comes to physical fitness. Make sure you do it with a number of friends so that you can help one another. It is a great way to tighten the bonds that will link you throughout your life. You also get to learn about the environment.

7.0 Start a Charity

You do not have to wait until you are an adult before doing charitable activities. Get involved in self-help projects like taking young kids fishing or a reading club. You will feel better about yourself because you are helping others.

8.0 Rediscover Calligraphy

This is a lost art that few young people can execute well today. You can revive it and have a topic of conversation for any social gatherings in the future. Get a book and tutor to start you off. You will be amazed at the projects that start flowing through your mind.

9.0 Take Photography

This is one of those hobbies that continues to fascinate everybody including teens. Get a good camera and start trying out different types of shots. The technology today has made it much easier to get the hang of it quickly.

10. Do Some Crotchet and Embroidery

Your home will never look the same once you take up this hobby. It is amazingly relaxing and keeps you busy even in the dullest seasons. Although it is traditionally done by girls, confident boys can try it too.
Try anyone of these hobbies to avoid being bored or getting into trouble.


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