Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Friv Online Review

This review focuses on the educational value of the friv online games. The idea of games being used for educational purposes is not as strange as it seems at first. Many educationalists have already highlighted the importance of play in a balanced pedagogical program. The gaming industry has been very responsive to the needs and concerns of parents by reconfiguring the existing framework in order to accommodate an educational element. This principle applies equally to basic games and the more advanced flash alternatives regardless of the platform that is being used.

Interesting and Engaging the Gamers

Children have an incredibly short attention span. Therefore the types of games that will appeal to them have to be incredibly well structured and focused on intriguing themes. These products must also appeal to them on an emotional level so that they get attached to the very process of playing. That is where the friv online games are so effective. They send a serious message to the young people but they are not tedious. This is a healthy balance and not an addiction. If a child is spending too much time with their games then the parent is under obligation to intervene and restore the balance. This process of introducing play to education starts in earnest at about eight years of age when children are beginning to acquire independent cognitive perspectives. These games cannot come sooner because they redirect their attention away from the frivolities of a modern consumerist existence into more productive subjects such as mathematics and English.

Invigorating Pastime

Children today are tech-savvy and few products on the market are inaccessible to them. The power of these games is that they target different aspects of game functionality including coordination, planning and strategic insight. These are concepts that are only indirectly taught in the formal curriculum. Therefore these friv online games offer something that is unique and a valuable addition to the tools that parents generally use to educate their children outside the classroom.

How to play the games for memory and recall

These are important dimensions of human experience and have been the focus of the Gestalt school of psychology precisely because they determine who we interact with one another. Games that are taken from the friv online collection fit the bill because they nudge the player to find ways of storing vital information and then using it at the right time even when not prompted by an extreme change in circumstances. Parents should always try to stagger and arrange the game selection with the help of qualified tutors so that the child will benefit most.

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