Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Review of the Top Surveillance Cameras in 2016

There is a lot on offer this year so it is not easy to identify the best surveillance camera for 2016. However we are going to give it our best shot by going through some of the top candidates as well as explaining their relative merits/demerits. Security is an important consideration for many people today and surveillance is one of the many wonderful tools that help them to achieve security. However the diversity of products on the market as well as their technical specifications make it challenging to do a proper selection. Here is a list of those that we consider to be great finds this year.

1.      Vimtag (Fujikam) 361 HD

This is an indoor-only camera with top grade specifications and the credentials to back it up. The camera boasts of a fair price and easy functionality. One of its biggest merits is the real plug and play system which means that you do not have to be Einstein in order to set it up. It is particularly good as a nanny or doggy cam but can be used in many different ways. It makes it to the top of the best surveillance cameras by virtue of its incredible image quality and functional internal SD card.  The product also has a two-way audio facility. For those that are on the smartphone network, there is an app for both the android and IOS systems. The asking price of $99.99 seems quite reasonable to us.

2.      Foscam FI9803P

This is a premium wireless outdoor camera which has been widely acknowledged as having the easiest processes for setting it up. The user is given a QR code to scan using the smartphone and the rest will be sorted out. The product makes it to the list of the best surveillance cameras because it gives the user lots of options. For example you can select the way in which you want the video footage to be stored. It has a hard drive which supplements the camera itself as a storage system. Moreover there is also a cloud service for larger files. The fact that it is weatherproof makes this one of the best all round choices for any amateur or expert user. The list price of $79.99 is very cheap when compared to the functionality that you get out of this camera.

3.      Zmodo PKD-DK4216

You are never going to find a better product in the 4 channel package series. This is a camera that works wonders for both property owners and businesses that wish to protect their premises. It benefits from a dual functionality which means that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It is considered to be one of the best surveillance cameras of this year because of its advanced storage system which allows for a narrative of the events that happened in a specified period of time. The 500GB drive and a list price of $149.99 also help to catapult it into the top category. That just about wraps up our selection of the best bargains and performers out there for 2016.

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