Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Spring Break in High and Fast Fashion: Top 4 Trends Revealed

It is a mixed of the old and new in the fashion trends during Spring break. The emphasis is on the eclectic and individual styles that often break the conventions. The thing that unites Milan, Paris, London and New York is the need to be unique.

1.      Lingerie is out of the Closet

We are seeing slips that are tantalizingly draped over tees, almost daring the audience to ask why. The undergarment is now on top in the spring collections where modesty is a thing of the past. The sexiness is never trashy but rather a bold statement of intent for a confident woman. Slinky silhouettes are fantastic for a night of fun both in and outside the bedroom. There is something truly sophisticated about a women that is not afraid to hint at the secrets of the private.

2.      Ruffling it up all the Way

The child wants to escape from the crib and spring fashion has given her the perfect platform. It seems that every designer is adding a few ruffles on each piece. The look is very flirtatious and reminiscent of the late 70s and early 80s. Think of Princess Diana in her early innocent days. Today the effect is much more sculptural with purposeful conviction. The tops are given better dimensions while the sheath dresses look positively modern, frills or no frills.

3.      Victorian Austerity

If you thought Queen Vicky’s age was ought of fashion, spring is telling you otherwise. Gothic chic is the in-thing with high necklines and ruffled sleeves. There are many modern touches though including the shorter hemlines that would definitely have scandalized our ancestors. We love the glaring fabrics, sheer finishes and a nice touch of denim to confirm the modernity of this trend. It is not a perfect replica of the 19th century but a fantastic deconstruction.

4.      Giving the Cold Shoulder

The final trend is for off-the-shoulder pieces with huge open necklines. Others have started cutting out so as to emphasize the importance of the shoulder. These breathable outfits are obviously geared towards comfort and freedom. However they also speak of a pure sexiness that dominates this spring season. It is the girl about town who is not constrained by conventions or fashion rules yet she is oddly very alluring.

Final Word

If there is one message about the fashion trends during Spring break; it is the fact that everyone is welcome. You can make fashion what you want it to be. The old and new join together in harmonious union. 

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