Wednesday, 13 April 2016

10 Ways to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

The most difficult fat of all to get rid of is that which settles on your belly according to Men’s Fitness (Men's Fitness, 2016) . First of all it is important to remember that stomach crunches do not remove fat. They simply make your stomach stronger and could actually build muscle which makes it look even bigger. Here is a guide to the 10 Ways to Lose Stomach Fat Fast without harming your body in the process.

1.0 Increase your Protein Intake

Proteins are your friend when you want to lose belly fat. Up to 30% of proteins are burned during the digestion process which means that there is much less left to pile on the pounds (Mehdi, 2014). By the same token you need to reduce you intake of carbohydrates of which only 8% are completely burned during digestion.

2.0 Know Your Food

You cannot control what is happening to your body if you keep dumping unknown stuff into it. This means that you have to seek out the provenance and pedigree of all the food items that you consume. If you are shopping in a supermarket, read the labels.

3.0 Keep Away from High Fructose Corn Syrup

This has been one of the disaster foods of the world since its introduction in 1971. The stuff is found everywhere from soft drinks to fast food. It was billed as a great sugar substitute but then became one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes in the USA alone.

4.0 Keep Moving

There is no better way to fight belly fat than to get off your backside and start being active. We lead sedentary lives and that is one of the main reasons why we have fallen into the obesity trap. It is possible to increase your calorie loss by up to 30% by merely becoming a bit more active.

5.0 Keep the Body Guessing

Some people imagine that exercise is all about doing the same thing intensely. Unfortunately the body has its own in-built system for compensating for exercise. It simply re-directs the facts elsewhere. That is why you need to continuously mix up your routines.

6.0 Do Some Chores

Reduce those labor-saving devices or their use. Our parents and grandparents survived without the washing machine/dishwasher. We can do the same if we try. Ensure that you do your own yard work and gardening.

7.0 Control your Snacking

Note that this does not mean cutting out snacking completely because that is unrealistic. The people that attempt to do it are bound to fail. There are some great snacks out there that you can consume without putting on too many calories. Examples include dill pickles, carrots and oranges.

8.0 Set Some Waist Inch Targets

We all know that motivation is best encouraged by seeing whether you are coming from and where you are going. Therefore you need to get out that tape measure and regularly measure your waist. This will tell you whether you are piling on the pounds or getting slimmer.

9.0 Do some Swimming

Throw in some swimming and running for a wonderful experience. This has proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It also works for those that are already suffering from arthritis and poor mobility due to obesity. The water supports you all the way.

10. Do Interval Training

Try to vary the speed and duration of each segment in your routine. Research has shown that the calories tend to go quicker if you do it this way.


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